Thursday, November 5, 2009

Transformed Trident

"Dear Steve,

Congratulations on your excellent product and service.
I've fitted the Tri-Spark to my T150 and its transformed it from an erratic, spitting, pig rooter into a reliably disciplined tar scorcher.
Here's a pic of the beast before i fitted the new ignition and leads.I can get a new pic with ignition fitted if you like (only difference is plug leads are now black and I've had to put the low bars on to compensate for the extra speed and acceleration).

Many many many thanks.
Yours Bill

Great description Bill. Thanks for the shot, hang on to those low bars!

Carb Tuning

Every now and then we get a query that is well worth relaying to other readers and customers, this one from John Blozies is one such question:


The new Tri-Spark ignition you sent is great. I've related my experience to other Norton fans via the INAO website/"chat room".
Now, however, I have one question for you:
In tuning/setting the carburettors of these venerable twins equipped with dual carburettors, it is customary to fire one cylinder at a time and get the best carb setting, then go to the other side and do the same. When pulling a sparking plug wire off so's to run just on one side, the Boyer rumor was to ground out the spark otherwise it would harm the Boyer.

I'm using a Dyna dual lead coil with your Tri-Spark. Will it do any harm to temporarily pull one sparking plug wire while adjusting the
running side carburettor?
Thanks again for a fine product. I'll forward a note sent to fellow Nortoneers here in the States.

Thank you,

John Bloszies
Seale, Alabama

Below is the response we would like to share with you all, along with a shot of John's Commando. Remember, it's always best to ask if in any doubt!

"Hello John,
This is good question and one I would like to include on our website.

With your permission and a perhaps a picture of your bike?

If you must remove one plug lead always have this grounded to a spark plug on the cylinder head. Unplugging the spark plug lead with the engine running will stress any ignition system including points. I've seen arcing across the top of the coil in some case and this can really stress electronic ignition.

Hope that helps,


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Street Tracker

A friend of Tri-Spark sent us this image of a very neat Bonnie based street tracker with this editorial: "Magneto ignition or useful footrest? Nice ignition unless you fall off"

Melt Down

Here's a good story to illustrate the need to ensure you know the implications of any work you are performing when dealing with motorcycle electrics (though the same can be said for any topic). These photos were sent in by a mechanic working on a customer's bike that wouldn't start:

"The bike came back to me with electrical issues. It would appear that the owner left the ignition on over night and then proceeded to charge the battery backwards with a massive boost charger. The regulator was melted as well as the stator (all the insulation was in the bottom of the timing cover) None of this has to do with the ignition but gives an idea of what went down."

While all of our products are straight-forward to install and supplied with detailed instructions, we always recommend taking all products to a qualified motorcycle electrician.

L.P. Williams

L.P. Williams have been supplying the classic Triumph market with quality parts of their own manufacture and from trusted suppliers for over 30 years now. Among their catalogue you will find a selection of Tri-Spark components, so if you are in the UK (or elsewhere) make sure you check out their extensive inventory if you are searching for that hard-to-find part.

Colorado Norton Works

Colorado Norton Works create some of the most spectacular Norton Commandos we've come across. Their concept it to take one of the most revered classic British motorcycles and improve it with the materials and technology of today, while retaining all the personality that made it a classic. Each bike they build is unique, and built with input from the owner to ensure they receive exactly the bike they desire.

We are thrilled to be associated with CNW in their capacity as the exclusive agent of Classic Twin kits for Nortons within the USA.
Whether you are looking to go through a full rebuild or just a after a specialist part, be sure to check out their website.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Customer Ride: Michigan Norton Owners Charity bike

The Michigan Norton Owners Club really did the hard yards to put this '74 Commando 850 into it's current show-worthy state, just check out the as-found photo at the bottom to get a sense of the work involved. All the labour, and most of the parts were donated (we are proud to have contributed with a Classic Twin kit) as the bike is being auctioned off, and the proceeds going to the Fowler Center which provides recreation and education programs for individuals with special needs.

For more information and images check out the thread on the Norton Commando Forum

Angry Monkey Bobber

Not all Triumphs being built are restored to the way the factory rolled them out the door, this video sent in by a friend of Tri-Spark shows a great example of a recently built '56 Triumph TR6 based bobber. We've no idea if any of our products are in the mix, but with a scoot this nice we simply don't care.
Be sure to turn the volume up when watching it!

Customer Ride: '74 Norton Cammando Roadster

"I have just purchased a '74 Norton Commando Roadster from the original owner. The Tri-spark looks like a "no-brainer" but I am wondering about your other products. I am looking at having a "Rider" and possibly local show bike. What do you recommend as far as a complete upgrade with your products?
Scott Roney
Temecula, CA"

Another great looking Commando sent in, this time from sunny California.
We recommended Scott look into our upgraded coils, leads and regulator, a combination sure to give improved performance and reliability.

Customer Ride: Laverda RGS

This is one of the more uncommon bikes we cater for, the Laverda RGS. Although we build these in lesser quantities than the Classic Twin and Triumph Triple kits, they are in stock and ready to send. Please feel free to enquire about a kit to fit your bike, you may be surprised to find we do carry a kit to suit, or if not, we might be looking into it right now.

Mount and rotor.

Many thanks to Stephen for sending us the photos of the completed installation.

Customer Ride: Royal Enfield SII Interceptor

"Hi Steve,
I have purchased one of your Classic Twin systems in the UK and that really seems to work well. Fitting and timing was simplicity itself. I have only covered about an 100 miles so far and there have been no issues to date.
I've passed on the word along the Enfield grapevine so perhaps there may be some interest from other parties. Here are a couple of pictures just to get a flavour. I hope this is of some use and that perhaps some trade is generated.
All the best.
Dave Geary"

So glad you found it all straight forward, thanks for spreading the good word.

Customer Ride: '68 Norton Cammando

"I send you the photos of my Commando, and also a photo of my others bikes (for the fun). Cheers, Patrick"

Very tidy Commando Patrick, along with the rest of your collection, thanks for the photos.

A note on these early Nortons: The 1968 Commando has the ignition mounted on the magneto position leftover from the Norton Atlas and hence has different mountings, and requires a kit set-up for clockwise rotation. Later Nortons have the points mounting on the outside of the timing cover. Please let us know if you have this model when ordering.

Customer Ride: Norton Cammando Roadster Combat

"Well guys the project is almost done now, I still have some painting of the logos to do and a few other things but a year and a half of fun is about to end. I want to thank all of the people that have helped me with parts, advice, and all the other little things that go into bringing one of these old girls back to life. I hope to have better pictures to post at some point. She is a 1972 Norton Commando Roadster in Combat trim, They only made the Combat 1 year as they just could not take the high compression and radical cam put in them. She will live a much more mellow life now with me on the bars. Thanks again, Chuck."

Thanks Chuck, it's looking great in the Combat trim, some really nice touches in there!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trident Cold Start

This video was posted on Youtube by another satisfied customer is a great demonstration of the improvements to the ease of cold starting with the installation of the Tri-Spark Ignition for triples.