Monday, October 31, 2016

New! FireBox Pro for Triumph, Norton and BSA twins FB-0020

You've asked for it and now here it is! Programmable from your laptop PC, the FireBox Pro is a versatile ignition giving you the ultimate in performance from your Norton, Triumph or BSA engine. FB-0020

The advance curve can be set with 11 points by simply dragging the dots on the curve or by entering the values in the boxes. The rev limit is programmable along with the coil dwell time making it compatible with a wide variety of large and small ignition coils.

No wasted sparks unless you want them! This is a 2 channel box capable of firing both cylinders independently with enough flexibility to suit V-Twins, parallel twins or engines with modified crank angles.

What's different about it? The programmable settings for the advance curve, rev limit and engine parameters such as cam or crank triggering, electric or kick start, 2 or 4 stroke and number of cylinders allow you to tailor the operation to your specific requirements. We have supplied FireBox Pro kits for offset cranks, single cylinder speedway engines and supercharged Nortons to name a few.

The pickup unit fits easily under the stock covers while the control box hides under the seat or fuel tank or behind one of the side covers.

We can match this system up with some high powered ignition coils to get the best out of your high compression or supercharged engine. If you need a wasted spark installation ( for compatibility ) we can do that too.

The programming kit (software and cable) is sold separately. We can also supply the box preset to your requirements. Now you can have the performance you've been looking for from your classic racer or road bike!

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New! Triple TRI-0002 - SD with Miniature Coils

New for this month is a special version of our popular triple ignition that is compatible with miniature coils.

The coils are small enough to fit under the tank in some installations. We first trialed this version on Gerry's Rob North featured in a previous story with great results. The bike revs out beautifully now and has covered several thousand miles - Gerry loves to ride this one!

What's different about it? We made it compatible with Gerry's existing miniature coils (Boyer ignition) supplied with the bike but extended the dwell time for higher spark energy.

Now available as a complete kit with Lucas miniature coils and our HT leads - look for the TRI-0002-SD

Please note that the TRI-0002 and TRI-0002-SD are not interchangeable

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Coming Soon BMW and Guzzi FireBox Pro

One of our customers in Brisbane with his beautiful and very original R100RS is currently using a new version of the FireBox Pro for his BMW. He says it starts up faster and runs better with improved torque over his previous electronic ignition which he said lacked performance.

What's different? We set this up with a powerful dual output coil retaining the wasted spark for compatibility with his stock electronic tachometer. These bikes have what's called the 'bean can' ignition that the factory used for 2 years with contact breaker points before changing to electronic.

We set this one up with a custom advance curve with more advance at lower revs to improve the torque and pickup from low speeds.

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Also new is the FireBox Pro for the Moto Guzzi first installed in this mildly customised machine built by another one of our Brisbane customers.

The installation into the distributor eliminates the auto advance and replaces it with smooth electronic timing control. This is a sequential firing ignition using 2 powerful coils giving ample spark for easy starts and more power! Sounds Great!

We will have more of these kits ready soon! Book yours today! Contact Tri-Spark

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Southern Triples Rally 2017

Tri-Spark are sponsoring a rally exclusively for riders of pre 1976 British triple motorcycles based in Adelaide South Australia 

Southern Triples Rally #5 - Friday 10th to Sunday 12th March 2017

Your Organisers -  Gerry Rowley - Geoff Kemp - Stephen and Joanne  Kelly - Steve Cramp

Based in the historic German town of Hahndorf
Hahndorf Resort Tourist Park (Big 4)
Mt Barker Road, Hahndorf SA

Rides through the picturesque Adelaide Hills along winding country roads through historic towns and villages

Show & Shine, Trophies, presentation dinner and social activities

Book your accommodation early! Hahndorf Resort, Cabins, Cottages, Caravan and Camping sites. Tel 1300 763 836

Old Mill Motel
Tel 08 8388 7888

Register your interest - contact Gerry Rowley 0477 250 749
or email    website