Thursday, November 5, 2009

Transformed Trident

"Dear Steve,

Congratulations on your excellent product and service.
I've fitted the Tri-Spark to my T150 and its transformed it from an erratic, spitting, pig rooter into a reliably disciplined tar scorcher.
Here's a pic of the beast before i fitted the new ignition and leads.I can get a new pic with ignition fitted if you like (only difference is plug leads are now black and I've had to put the low bars on to compensate for the extra speed and acceleration).

Many many many thanks.
Yours Bill

Great description Bill. Thanks for the shot, hang on to those low bars!

Carb Tuning

Every now and then we get a query that is well worth relaying to other readers and customers, this one from John Blozies is one such question:


The new Tri-Spark ignition you sent is great. I've related my experience to other Norton fans via the INAO website/"chat room".
Now, however, I have one question for you:
In tuning/setting the carburettors of these venerable twins equipped with dual carburettors, it is customary to fire one cylinder at a time and get the best carb setting, then go to the other side and do the same. When pulling a sparking plug wire off so's to run just on one side, the Boyer rumor was to ground out the spark otherwise it would harm the Boyer.

I'm using a Dyna dual lead coil with your Tri-Spark. Will it do any harm to temporarily pull one sparking plug wire while adjusting the
running side carburettor?
Thanks again for a fine product. I'll forward a note sent to fellow Nortoneers here in the States.

Thank you,

John Bloszies
Seale, Alabama

Below is the response we would like to share with you all, along with a shot of John's Commando. Remember, it's always best to ask if in any doubt!

"Hello John,
This is good question and one I would like to include on our website.

With your permission and a perhaps a picture of your bike?

If you must remove one plug lead always have this grounded to a spark plug on the cylinder head. Unplugging the spark plug lead with the engine running will stress any ignition system including points. I've seen arcing across the top of the coil in some case and this can really stress electronic ignition.

Hope that helps,