Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aussie Triples Rally 2013 Winning BSA

Travelling 2,000 kilometres by motorcycle is a feat in itself but when the trip is completed on a classic bike then it makes the expedition even more courageous.  This is exactly what Gerry Rowley did in 2012 to attend the Triples Rally when he rode from the Gippsland area of Victoria to Ballina in the Northern Rivers region of NSW where the rally is held annually. He would have repeated the trip in 2013 too but due to various circumstances he ended up taking two bikes on a trailer along with a mate to ride the second one.
This year he brought his 1969 Rocket 3 and his 1969 Triumph Trident T150 to Ballina and both bikes are beauties. Gerry keeps them in tip top condition. Obviously everyone else who participated in the rally thought so too as he took home rally awards for both motorcycles including Best BSA 2013 for the Rocket and Best Drum Brake Trident for the T150.

Gerry says he’ll probably ride up for the 2014 rally because he knows that whichever bike he rides, it will cover the distance without a hitch. He’s that confident because he’s got Tri-Spark digital electronic ignition systems installed on both bikes. Whether he rides one of these bikes or his 1974 Norton Commando 850, which also has the Tri-Spark system installed, he knows he’ll get to his destination no matter how far away it is.

 So delighted is Gerry with the trouble-free riding he now enjoys that when he takes delivery of a Rob North BSA currently being built, it too will have a Tri-Spark system installed before a final tuning on the dyno.  For him a Tri-Spark system has become a mandatory component.

“I tried other units before I discovered the Tri-Spark system and I just wasn’t happy with them,” Gerry explained. “I like to keep maintenance on my bikes to a minimum and Tri-Spark does the trick giving me superior starting and better riding especially on the three cylinder models.”
Gerry says initially Tri-Spark was recommended by another satisfied customer. Since then, he has recommended Tri-Spark to at least three other classic bike riders.

“It’s a very easy system to install so there’s just no reason to put up with inconsistent starting, kickbacks or backfiring.” Gerry said. “I can set out on a trip knowing I can enjoy the ride without a worry.”

Aussie Triples Rally 2013

Our roving reporter Norma Flint attended the 2013 Aussie Triples Rally in Ballina NSW where Tri-Spark was a hot topic amongst rally participants. Riders who had Tri-Spark Digital Electronic Ignitions Systems installed on their bikes were so pleased with the trouble-free riding they were experiencing that they were happily sharing the reason why with other riders.
One of these was Danny Ryan who was delighted with the way his bike had performed on the 200km Saturday ride. He said he’d tried various options in the past before discovering Tri-Spark “but, they just didn’t perform as well,” he stated. 
It was a lucky day for him then when he bumped into Steve and Joanne Kelly at the Triples Downunder Rally some 7 years ago!  He purchased a Tri-Spark system soon after and hasn’t looked back. “Tri-Spark fires individually unlike other options making it much more reliable,” Danny explained.
As a result he now has Tri-Spark units fitted on his 1968 Triumph T150T and his 1972 T150V and more recently, he’s installed one on his 1981 Bonneville and he’s a happy man.“My bikes are easier to start now and run much more smoothly,” Danny said. “Also, when I place an order with Steve a unit soon arrives and they are easy to fit.”
Similar comments were repeated by several of the 55 plus participants throughout the three days of the rally.  It’s good to know that Tri-Spark has improved the riding pleasure for so many classic motorcycle enthusiasts.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tales From Your Long Distance Ride

I've been asked to give a presentation so I'm looking for stories about long distance riding - something I did years ago across Canada. I recall some great scenery but also some back pain and stiff muscles and plenty of petrol stops! Some days all we asked for was one more petrol station around the corner to keep us going on the journey. Do you have a travelling story to share? email me with your tales! The wilder the better (before September 20 2013)

Kenny Dreer VR880

Owned by one of our local Adelaide Tri-Spark customers, this exceptionally rare VR880 Norton Commando is number 1 of approximately 50 made by Kenny Dreer in the USA to a very high standard and fast according to the owner.

After a question or two about the setup and lots of talk about the Kenny Dreer Nortons, this bike fired right up and no doubt woke up the neighbours and their dogs and cats!

Talking to the riders and hearing their stories is one of the pleasures of the business - I'm getting an education every day I come to the office. Keep those calls coming!

Roger's Matchless 750

Sent in by one of our USA customers, this beautiful '68 Matchless G15 CS is an example of a bike seldom seen in this condition and just like the Norton N15 CS, our Classic Twin ignition fits behind the cylinders in the spot where the points used to be.

Roger adds  BTW, I rode that Matchless with my wife on the back from St. Louis to California on as much of Old Route 66 as possible.  That's 2100 miles to our house in Thousand Oaks.  The bike purred the entire way without a hard start or even a hiccup.

And with the leaves on the grass we're reminded of cooler weather on the way. For our northern customers, make sure you get out and do some riding before the cold weather sets in and when you do garage the bike for the last time this year remember to make a list of what needs attention before the next riding season. Some folks have a routine for storing their bikes like draining the fuel and putting the battery on charge in a warm place. Whatever you like to do here's a reminder to DO IT!