Monday, September 2, 2013

Tales From Your Long Distance Ride

I've been asked to give a presentation so I'm looking for stories about long distance riding - something I did years ago across Canada. I recall some great scenery but also some back pain and stiff muscles and plenty of petrol stops! Some days all we asked for was one more petrol station around the corner to keep us going on the journey. Do you have a travelling story to share? email me with your tales! The wilder the better (before September 20 2013)

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  1. Hey Steve. Just wanted to give you some extra detail on the photo you have chosen.. :)
    This was taken with a film camera - operated with my right hand - whilst holding the throttle with my left hand. Think about that.
    I set the focus at the previous stop for about 6ft. I warned Graham and Ross what I was going to do, so they held station once I moved up between them.
    Note: This photo was taken in the early 80's and we all still have the same bikes.
    Cheers mate, Kil.