Sunday, December 3, 2017

Classic Twin - Secrets Revealed!

Tri-Spark Classic Twin Secrets Revealed…..for your eyes only

We get asked all the time what makes our Tri-Spark Classic Twin ignition (for British Twins and singles) so different from the rest and I thought it was time to share that story with our customers and friends.

The problem we solved – when the engine is turning slowly and erratically during kickstarting and idling – the rotation of the crank can be difficult to predict – sparking at the wrong time can result in painful kickback, hard starting and lumpy running.

The solution – we use 2 position sensors – one dedicated for slow speed and one for normal running. By comparing the readings from these 2 sensors we get a much more detailed picture of what the engine is doing at low speed. Competitors can’t make this claim!

The result: 
  • A steadier idle
  • Easier starting without kickback – see testimonial from Brian Nicholls below
  • Smooth running throughout the rev range
  • Reduced power consumption and less heating of the coils 
More unique features

  • LED indication of static timing – extreme accuracy. 
  • Easy self-test - complete testing of the ignition system and coils without having to jump on the kick starter!
  • No black box – simple wiring, easy installation and originality maintained.
It all adds up - making your riding more enjoyable - we would love to hear your comments!

Brian's Bonneville - Problem Solved!

A Testimonial from Brian Nicholls:

 I was recently having extreme difficulties with the installation of a new B***r ignition system on my Triumph Bonneville. In fact I have both MK's iii and iv.
Once installed the bike was extremely difficult to start, kicked back violently on numerous attempts to start. When it did fire up the static and dynamic timing was proven correct. Both systems acted the same way on this bike.

 I became so annoyed  I started researching systems and Tri- Spark came up time and time again as the best system, so, I purchased said system, fitted it as described and it was an absolute revelation.
Started easily, ran great, ANTI KICKBACK SYSTEM worked perfectly, auto tick over system worked extremely well.

 The Tri-Spark system was worth every penny and so easy to fit', absolute bees knees.

 The best ignition system on the market for value.     

 Thank You ! Best Regards Brian Nicholls