Monday, November 23, 2015

BSA Rocket Three with a difference

One of our customers here in South Australia tells the story of his Rob North in a recent magazine article with all the details you would like to know about this extraordinary bike.

Gerry's bike presented some unique challenges that led us to make a custom ignition for this machine which he writes about toward the end of this article.

Click here to read the Old Bike Australasia article

Old Bike magazine does a great job of bringing all the classic Australian bike action to print for all of us racers, riders and restorers around the country. Thanks to Old Bike for kindly allowing us to use the piece.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

FireBox Pro Update

Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and Ariel are just some of the new homes we have found for the FireBox Pro since launching it earlier this year. Whilst the FB-0010 is tailored for the Honda 4 (plug in system without cutting any wires) it seems some of our customers are very skilled at adapting the pickup plate and trigger rotor to a variety of engines. With the easy programming of the box, singles, twins and fours including two stroke applications are all possible with the FireBox. Programming kit is sold separately. 

Speaking with Dean M. (One of our Australian customers) recently, he said that the system was easy for his mechanic to install on his Honda 750 and it fired up nicely for them. 

Triple Ignition - How to install it like a Pro

Have you thought about installing one of our British triple cylinder systems and wanted to see how it's done? All of your questions are answered here! The Classic Bike Guide in their August 2015 edition have covered every aspect of the installation in this detailed article prepared by one of our customers Morgan Rue from Luxembourg. Don't miss this one!

Click here to read the CBG article

Thank you Morgan Rue for creating it and thank you Classic Bike Guide for kindly allowing us to use the piece.

New Ignition! Classic Triple TRI-0002

The Classic Triple has all the ignition performance you need for your Trident or Rocket 3 - WITHOUT THE BLACK BOX. You asked for a simplified installation with superior running and here it is! Advances in technology have enabled us to build a high performance sequential firing system in this compact design with only five wire connections.

This high precision system with built in self test button is tailored exclusively for the Triumph Trident, BSA Rocket Three, T160 and Hurricane machines. Easy starting and a smooth idle are retained from our original triple system (TRI-0001) which by the way will be available well into the future. Compatible with 12 volt coils (6 volt coils if a ballast resistor is fitted).
Click to read instruction manual

New Part - Coil Bracket

By Popular demand - brackets for our dual lead coils. The part was inspired by one of our USA customers Lorin Smith - see below for his version of the bracket. Thank you Lorin for showing us the way!
Note: Coil and hardware not included.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Introducing the FireBox Pro

We are pleased to announce our newest ignition product - the FireBox Pro - a high performance ignition to suit a wide range of classic motorcycles featuring a programmable advance curve, rev limit and other settings. The first versions will be available for the CB750 Honda K series with others to follow soon for Japanese, Italian and British Classics.
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