Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Triple Racing in Germany

This tidy Rob North T150 racer belongs to one of our German customers. He asked if we could make him a system with a unique advance curve based on his dyno tuning results for the dual plugged engine.
We said yes and not long after we sent it out the response came back that the engine starts and runs like never before.

Your Questions about Battery Charging Answered

Q: Steve in Chicago asks “if I use your regulator (VR-0001) can I do away with my battery”
A: We don't recommend using this part without a battery. The battery is required on road bikes to ensure the lights and horn are functional even if the engine cuts out. This is especially important at night. You can find out what is allowed in your area from the local road authorities. The VR-0001 is primarily designed to improve the reliability and accuracy of the battery charging by replacing the old Lucas Plate rectifier and Zener diode. Click to read more

Q: Alan in California asks if the voltage regulator is required when fitting our Classic Twin ignition system on a 650 Triumph.
A: The regulator is a recommended upgrade to the charging system but is not required to get the new ignition system operational.

Q: From Mike in the UK who has an off road bike that he wants to run without a battery.
A: We recommend our three phase high output alternator kit for this application since the regulator (VR-0003) has the capacitor needed for batteryless operation built it. The three phase alternator has plenty of low RPM output which makes for reliable starting and idling. Our three phase regulator is also available as a separate part. Click here to order

Q: After I ride the bike the battery seems to be low does this mean I have something wrong in the charging system?
A: This question comes up often and I always recommend checking the battery first before looking for other things. If the battery is nearly new check it anyway – it’s still the most likely cause of the trouble. If the battery checks out OK then you should see your local bike electrician to have the charging system checked.

High Output Alternator Kit

Great news for riders of older model Triumphs, BSAs or Nortons is the release of our new High Output Alternator Kits.

These kits are terrific and really do improve the charging systems on the old bikes dramatically. As always Steve has installed this kit on one of his bikes and says, “I put one on my T160 and noticed an improvement immediately.”

With the kit installed you can run both electronic ignition and a Halogen headlamp without worrying about battery charging. It includes a Lucas 3 phase alternator, 14 Amps output power and a Tri-Spark voltage regulator. It’s so easy to install Steve says he can confidently guarantee the fit! Just make sure you get the correct gap all the way around when you install the stator.

“The headlamp on my T160 stays bright even when the engine is idling which shows visually the excellent low RPM output of the 3 phase alternator,” Steve explains.

To order these kits click here

All British Rally 2011

Three years ago in 2008 we launched the 'Classic Twin' ignition system at the all British Rally in Campbells Creek Victoria.

This year we're back again at the new rally location in Newstead with more new products and promotions. We really enjoy this rally and love seeing our customers and their bikes. It's in it's 35rd year this time running from Friday the 8th of April to Sunday the 10th at the Newstead Racecourse in Newstead the event is sure to be a hit with motorcycling enthusiasts and visitors alike.

Now two weeks before the traditional Anzac day and Easter weekend and with expanded facilities, great local catering, extended pub hours and such a great site the organisers expect more than 1000 British bike enthusiasts.

Tri-Spark will be featuring 2 new products - Our High Output Alternator kit and a much asked for Magneto Replacement Kit. The latter may not be in full release mode but we will be displaying a prototype if not actual parts, and will definitely be taking orders.

Only British iron and tents are allowed on the main site but there is plenty of mixed camping around the track and the organisers confirm there will be the usual feast of exotica, entertainment, trophies and a great atmosphere.

Soaking up the unique "British only" atmosphere, catching up with old friends and making some new ones while viewing the huge range of veteran, vintage, classic and modern bikes will be fantastic as will seeing the latest industry and trade offerings.

Location Newstead Racecourse Newstead Victoria

Contact Michael Poynter 0427 315 212