Thursday, June 7, 2012

Negative Earth (Ground) Q & A

Q- In a recent email Bill Dawson says "the ignition seems to be wired for positive earth with the ring terminal on the red wire going to the pillar bolt for the earth connection".

A- The ignition is wired for positive earth but it will work either way by changing the connections - the wiring diagrams are supplied in the kit for both positive and negative earth.

On this subject we often get asked if the voltage regulators will work for negative earth. The single phase and the three phase regulators are made so that the case is isolated from the internal connections so they can be used on positive or negative earth machines.

We also get the odd email asking if there are any advantages to converting the machine to negative earth. The idea is that this is more common and therefore the better way to go. I feel that keeping the wiring stock is probably the better way to go - that way anyone working on the bike in the future can follow the wiring diagrams in the manuals if they need to make repairs. Either way the machine will run just the same.

Tri-Spark Classic Twin Installation

Watch this and see how easy it is to install the Tri-Spark Classic Twin ignition in a '73 Triumph TR7RV. Note this video is a few years old - colours and finishes are different to our current production parts.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tri-Spark Starting up T160

Watch this humorous demonstration by one of our New Zealand customers as he fires up the T160 for the first time with Tri-Spark Ignition.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Neitzert Racing Triple

This machine ridden by proud owner Bernd Neitzert is crafted to perfection with only the best components from around the world. The competitive nature of racing means that each part must function at peak performance for the machine as a whole to be out in front - safe - and reliable. We are pleased to play our part in so many success stories in the classic triple racing world. 

Triple Brew Racing

Long time customers Ian and Grant of Triple Brew Racing in the UK once again have their outfit racing in the UK this year. After a few years of development they are confidently making gains in their class - watch for these guys at the UK classic race meetings. 
Grant: "many thanks - we recommend your briliant system all the time"