Monday, February 11, 2013

Classic Twin Redesigned for 2013

In our efforts to maintain our reputation as a supplier of a high end system our research and development regime is rigorous. That effort has paid off and we’re pleased to say that we’ve developed what is without doubt the simplest and easiest ignition module for British twin and singles that is available on the market today. What’s more, you’ll be pleased to note, the redesign has enabled us to reduce our costs leading to a better price for you. Now they’re ready for you to order.
What’s different?
There are quite a few terrific improvements on the earlier system. And, we know that it delivers what we promise because we’ve conducted extensive testing. Apart from looking a little different, the stator unit works and fits the engine in the same way but the internals have been simplified and strengthened. What you get now is –
  • A new test mode that allows for easy testing at the press of a button, on the bike or bench.
  • Higher fault tolerance to high voltage spikes.
  • A robust module encapsulated for moisture, oil and vibration resistance using a new softer material (long exposure to water and oil is not recommended).
Tests have proved that the system is able -
  • To withstand 24 volts continuously for 10 minutes, at operating temperature.
  • To withstand up to 200 volt DC spikes on the power input.
  • To withstand reverse polarity continuously.
Some things haven’t changed. 
  • Mechanical fitting is the same.
  • Same wiring colours and connections.
  • Same ignition timing, dwell control and idle control.
  • Same coil compatibility.
  • LED for static timing and testing has been retained.
With a 3 year warranty on parts, subject to conditions, and better pricing you can’t go wrong.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Classic Twin Temperature Testing

Our Temperature cycling oven has been working overtime for most of 2012 testing sample batches of the new Classic Twin stators. Cycling the heat on and off 12 times per day up to 100 degrees C we are able to verify that the materials used in the manufacturing can stand up to the harsh conditions inside an engine.

In addition to high temperature, the ignition modules are tested to withstand reverse battery polarity, continuous over voltage up to 24 volts DC and voltage spikes up to 200 volts DC.

Even the adhesive on the labels gets evaluated. This is one way we can ensure we are making the best possible product for your bike.

New Classic Twin Test Mode

Troubleshooting an engine when the problem could be the carburettors or the ignition or a mechanical fault has been a time consuming exercise until now.

At the press of a button the Classic Twin will spark the coils for 10 seconds allowing you to check for spark at the plugs and see how the system is functioning with the coils and spark plug leads and spark plugs all working together.

A second test checks the magnetic rotor and pickups in the module thus giving a complete test of all the ignition components.
Read more in the manual page 9

Updated Classic Twin Manual

Changes to the Classic Twin instructions including:
* Engine compatibility              8
* Specifications                       8
* New wiring diagrams             7
* Use the new test mode         9
* Troubleshooting tips            10
* Warrantee policy                 11

Click here to read manual