Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All British Rally 2014 - Newstead Victoria

 This year the weather was kind allowing us a great opportunity to visit with our customers and then get busy with some installations. With willing onlookers ready to lend a hand we installed 3 twin systems at our site - all in record time. The rally is a great way for us to see first hand how the ignition works on different bikes and the amazing thing I found was just how quick and easy it is to install - even under less than the ideal workshop conditions. This was our sixth year at the ABR and it just seems to get better and better!

The strange thing about batteries

If batteries just lost a bit of capacity as they aged we would notice this and plan to get a new one in due course. Unfortunately they die in strange ways - sometimes suddenly - resulting in some of the most common troubles with our old bikes.

For info that could save hours of hair pulling tension in the garage .....click the link
Battery article

Red Norton Commando

This sleek and sexy  machine belongs to one of our customers in France. It has all the upgrades and improvements you'd expect from a ground up rebuilt custom without loosing any of the classic appeal of the original bike. Just look at those brakes - this is a serious riders bike!  

Bonneville Bike Blast - 152MPH!

Double Vision #901 built and ridden by Tyler Malinky of Low Brow Customs, shown here in a photo by Jon Glover, uses our Magneto Replacement kit on these 1955 pre unit Triumph motors.

Tyler wrote:
Hey Stephen, successful Bonneville Speed Week with my dual engine 1955 Triumph and your magneto replacement units and ignitions. I beat two records, previous were 128 which I upped to over 140mph, and 135 which I upped to 151.5. Top speed was 152.5mph. Flawless service from your ignitions.

Shown above is the drive line side and the ignition housings just behind the cylinders. The double output coils on the down tube power 2 sparks for each cylinder. More spark = more speed!

Coils and HT Leads for Norton

Our customers know that in order to get the most from their new ignition system, the coils and HT leads need be up to the job. This photo from one of our dealers (Norcom cycles) shows how it all comes together on the Norton Commando with our IGC-1006 coils and SPL-0002 HT leads. The leads are simply cut to the required length before the plug caps go on - neat and easy!