Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Manx GP 2012 Result

Success comes in many forms and for the Steve Robins team with rider Mark Parratt and the Tri-Spark sponsored Rocket 3 it came in the form of finishing what can only be considered an endurance race for these classic racers and placing second without any mishaps.
I would emphasise the endurance nature of this race in the following way. The four laps of the 37.7 mile circuit totalling over 150 miles are raced at an average speed of nearly 100 MPH mostly at full throttle. Mark Parratt's time was 1 hour 32 minutes 37 seconds. (Dave Madsen-Mygdal's winning time was 1:31.21.84.) Congratulations to everybody involved in making this a reality.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More about coils

We get asked about coils - a lot! Customers want to know which coils will work with their electronic ignitions and we are happy to help. Each kit has a particular combination of coils that will work best and we also have coils to suit the original contact breaker ignition. The following is a guide to get started:

Electronic Ignition
Engine       Ignition Kit        Tri-Spark Coils to suit       
Unit Twin    TRI-0005         IGC-1006 (2 required)
Unit Twin    TRI-0005         IGC-2012 (1 required)
Unit Single  TRI-0005         IGC-1012 (1 required)
(Commando, BSA, A65, Triumph, T100, T120, T140, TR7RV, RE Interceptor many others)

Triple           TRI-0001         IGC-1006 (3 required)       (ballast required)
Triple           TRI-0001         IGC-1012 (3 required)       (recommended)
(T150 T160 Trident Rocket 3 Hurricane)

Points ignition only
All models with 12 volt electrics on points ignition use IGC-1012 except where a ballast resistor is fitted (for example late Norton and Triumph T160). If there is a ballast resistor use IGC-1006.

 Key specifications
IGC-1006 1.8 Ohm primary resistance
IGC-1012 3.5 Ohm primary resistance
IGC-2012 3.5 Ohm primary resistance

Red Bobber

With the cold winters in Norway, Gudvin has used his time wisely crafting this one-of-a-kind Triumph bobber based on a 1965 machine. He has the Tri-Spark Classic Twin fitted and loves the clean no black box design. The evolution continues with the addition of the Dual output coil - no wonder this machine must be the envy of Triumph fans everywhere!