Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More about coils

We get asked about coils - a lot! Customers want to know which coils will work with their electronic ignitions and we are happy to help. Each kit has a particular combination of coils that will work best and we also have coils to suit the original contact breaker ignition. The following is a guide to get started:

Electronic Ignition
Engine       Ignition Kit        Tri-Spark Coils to suit       
Unit Twin    TRI-0005         IGC-1006 (2 required)
Unit Twin    TRI-0005         IGC-2012 (1 required)
Unit Single  TRI-0005         IGC-1012 (1 required)
(Commando, BSA, A65, Triumph, T100, T120, T140, TR7RV, RE Interceptor many others)

Triple           TRI-0001         IGC-1006 (3 required)       (ballast required)
Triple           TRI-0001         IGC-1012 (3 required)       (recommended)
(T150 T160 Trident Rocket 3 Hurricane)

Points ignition only
All models with 12 volt electrics on points ignition use IGC-1012 except where a ballast resistor is fitted (for example late Norton and Triumph T160). If there is a ballast resistor use IGC-1006.

 Key specifications
IGC-1006 1.8 Ohm primary resistance
IGC-1012 3.5 Ohm primary resistance
IGC-2012 3.5 Ohm primary resistance

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