Sunday, December 3, 2017

Brian's Bonneville - Problem Solved!

A Testimonial from Brian Nicholls:

 I was recently having extreme difficulties with the installation of a new B***r ignition system on my Triumph Bonneville. In fact I have both MK's iii and iv.
Once installed the bike was extremely difficult to start, kicked back violently on numerous attempts to start. When it did fire up the static and dynamic timing was proven correct. Both systems acted the same way on this bike.

 I became so annoyed  I started researching systems and Tri- Spark came up time and time again as the best system, so, I purchased said system, fitted it as described and it was an absolute revelation.
Started easily, ran great, ANTI KICKBACK SYSTEM worked perfectly, auto tick over system worked extremely well.

 The Tri-Spark system was worth every penny and so easy to fit', absolute bees knees.

 The best ignition system on the market for value.     

 Thank You ! Best Regards Brian Nicholls

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this update. I have had a Tri-Spark in my '72 T150V for a few years now. It transforms the Trident into an easy starting joy to live with. A lazy prod on the starter gets her purring nicely. I have complete confidence in this bike and have done a UK Iron Butt Rally in foul weather on her with no problems. I am about to start a rebuild of my '64 Tiger 90 and will fit a Tri-Spark.