Monday, October 31, 2016

New! Triple TRI-0002 - SD with Miniature Coils

New for this month is a special version of our popular triple ignition that is compatible with miniature coils.

The coils are small enough to fit under the tank in some installations. We first trialed this version on Gerry's Rob North featured in a previous story with great results. The bike revs out beautifully now and has covered several thousand miles - Gerry loves to ride this one!

What's different about it? We made it compatible with Gerry's existing miniature coils (Boyer ignition) supplied with the bike but extended the dwell time for higher spark energy.

Now available as a complete kit with Lucas miniature coils and our HT leads - look for the TRI-0002-SD

Please note that the TRI-0002 and TRI-0002-SD are not interchangeable

Check it out on our purchase page - Tri-Spark Purchase