Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Kit for Moto Guzzi FB-0030

Now available is the Tri-Spark FireBox Pro ignition for Moto Guzzi in response to requests from riders who wanted a reliable and high performance system for their machines.

This system suits engines with the ignition points located in a distributor style housing behind the right side cylinder such as the California, Le Mans, V7, Eldorado, Ambassador and others (1960s to 1980s).

The Tri-Spark Pro for Moto Guzzi is based on our Honda Four FireBox Pro which has been in development for 6 years and on the market for two years with many happy customers around the globe. The Tri-Spark FireBox system has a simple engine pickup which is adaptable for a variety of engines and a PC programmable control box making it perfect for the Guzzi.

The FireBox Pro is our highest spec system with a high speed processor which is tuneable using the optional PC cable and software but don't let that put you off - we send the kits out programmed and ready for action!

What can you expect from the FireBox Pro Guzzi system? Stronger sparks, Easy starts, ultra stable ignition timing giving your machine a lift throughout the rev range. Not relying on the mechanical auto advance unit for the timing sets us apart from the competition.

We offer this kit for use with a variety of ignition coils like our IGC-1012 coils for single plugged heads or the IGC-2012 for dual. We can also tune the box for use with a range of other coils for high performance and racing applications.

Easy starting and high performance using the proven FireBox Pro system - when you want the best for your machine!  Order code FB-0030
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  1. Have these been tested on a variety of Guzzis because apparently the distributors can differ?

    1. G'day Dave we would be very happy to hear from you if you have some info on this. Please use the contact form on our website. Thank you very much!