Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Manx GP entry

Update from Steve Robins:
Mark Parrett the rider and I spent the weekend at the Beezumph track days and rally in Anglesey a few weeks back, fine tuning the gearbox and other small annoyances. Mark was very pleased with the Rocket 3 now and feels the bike is a much better all-round package than it was 2011, with more attention to detail.

As usual the Tri-Spark fired the bike at the first turn of the rear wheel which is a big challenge for an ignition system with the huge porting on the R3 cylinder head and 33mm carbs, of course with such large carbs the pilot jet is almost ineffective so the ignition has to fire the bike with a huge amount of fuel from the 270 main jets and a very large volume of air passing through. Quick starting capability is of the greatest importance at the Manx GP because of the 240 Km distance covered a refuel at the half way stage is necessary, where the engine must be stopped and restarted after the refuel. Poor starting in pit lane can cost the race during this exercise.

There is a lot more competition this year in the Formula Classic race this year with six Triples entered, a few Honda 4s and at least two Norton Commandos, but even with this competition we are confident and looking forward to what we hope will be a successful two weeks at the Manx and bring home the win in the Formula Classic race again on the Tri-Spark powered BSA Rocket 3.

Best regards

Steve Robins (aka) Snibor

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